Production - ST³ Offshore


ST³ Offshore’s factory is built in Szczecin, in the north region of Poland.
Perfect localization, on the Odra river, with near access to the Baltic Sea means close neighborhood with key target markets on the North Sea – Germany and Scandinavian countries. Direct water transport connection on the Baltic Sea and further on the North Sea enables short and cheaper transportation of oversize products to all target markets in north Europe.

The fact, that this factory was placed in Szczecin is connected also with a longyear region’s experience in production of huge steel constructions, i.a. for steel and shipyard branch. It gives opportunity to find enormous human resources potential and experienced employees.

The new factory produces foundations for wind offshore farms (transition pieces, jackets and monopiles), on which masts and wind turbines will be assembled and installed in the sea waters. Our production envisages transition pieces and jackets for water depths up to 60 m.