HSEQ - ST³ Offshore


Health, Occupational Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

Health, safety, environment and quality are of the highest importance to ST³ Offshore as we take our responsibilities for employees, customers, society and the environment very seriously.  We go beyond the fulfilment of all legal requirements and involve all employees in open dialogue about basic HSEQ performance and opportunities for future improvement.

Our HSEQ Management Team helps to implement the relevant company policies and supports our corporate social responsibility towards customers, employees and society.
Our HSEQ Systems are certified according to OHSAS 18001, also ISO 9001, 14001 and 3834-2.

In order to meet the HSEQ requirements, ST³ Offshore supports and encourages openness and transparency as well as a continuous improvement process.

We create working conditions in which our employees’ health is preserved, protected and maintained. We actively seek opportunities for proactive healthcare improvement.

The top priority for ST³ Offshore is to create safe working conditions for all our employees and third parties. Our Goal is to further improve our existing excellent safety records to allow the achievement of ZERO ACCIDENTS. As part of our safety culture, our employees understand safety compliance and the responsibility to keep themselves, their collegues and the wider community safe.  We keep safety at the forefront of what we do, and we seek to prevent accidents through a mix of safety communications, briefings, training and safety campaigns.

We believe that caring for the environment means acting responsibly in all our business processes. Therefore, we make sure that through our business activities the impact on the Environment is reduced to a minimum. We seek to achieve continuous improvement in environmental protection through environmental awareness in all our decisions. Our management systems support and control all the necessary processes with the purpose of continuous environmental development.

ST³ Offshore is responsible for the quality of our products, safety and overall quality control.  The Quality Assurance Team, through the collection of quality data, help to communicate "best practice" to allow ongoing continuous improvement and opportunities for further training and development.

The QA/QC department is responsible for maintenance of the quality documentation and performing
 quality inspections. The inspections include:

  • material certification and welding inspection
  • dimensional inspection
  • NDE (Non-destructive Examination)
  • protective treatment inspection
  • destructive testing
  • outfitting inspection/mechanical completion

Quality documents include: ITP (Inspection Test Plan), PQP, procedures such as management of NCRs, production control, auditing.
Surveillance inspection of the assembly of welding activities is carried out throughout the Production process at pre-determined stages to ensure compliance with project requirements.
Dimensional control is carried out on an on-going basis by the Production Department. Dimensional verification surveys are carried out by the QA/QC Department at prescribed stages in accordance with the inspection plans and procedures.
Specific dimensional procedures may be prepared to document project tolerances and incorporate survey requirements into assembly sequences. Results of such surveys are documented on dimensional reports which form part of the final documentation package.
NDE is normally subcontracted to approved, specialized companies. Coordination and control of NDE activities is carried out by the Quality Control Department with use of a database system which maintains inspection status.