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Other Claims

By decision of the Szczecin-Centrum District Court in Szczecin, 12th Commercial Division of 31 March 2020 (file reference number: XII GU 4/20), the company was declared bankrupt. Bankruptcy proceedings are conducted under reference number XII GUp 29/20.

One of the basic principles of bankruptcy proceedings is to satisfy creditors' claims to the highest possible degree. In order for the trustee to implement this assumption, the creditor must file a claim to the estate.

The official receiver informs that the creditors of the bankrupt have the right to submit a claim. Claims for claims should be made in accordance with the provisions of art. 239 and 240 of the Bankruptcy Act to the Judge-Commissioner Sabrina Snel-Daleszyńska to the following address: District Court Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin, XII Commercial Department, ul. Narutowicza 19, 70-231 Szczecin. The deadline for submitting claims is thirty days from the date of publication of the bankruptcy notice in the Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy.

Claims for claims should be made on the appropriate form, a template of which can be downloaded below. Template to download (as in the attachment)

In accordance with art. 244 of the Bankruptcy Law, after expiry of the deadline for filing the claim and checking the reported claims, the trustee shall immediately draw up a list of claims, not later than within two months from the expiry of the period provided for filing claims. The administrator also indicates that in the event of a large number of applications and the necessary amount of time and work related to the processing of individual applications, this time limit - at the trustee's request - may be extended.


In accordance with art. 179 section 3 of the Restructuring Law after bankruptcy the official receiver places all creditors on the list of receivables listed in the list of creditors in the restructuring proceedings, z taking into account the amounts received under the arrangement or satisfaction receivables in a different way.

Creditors placed in an accelerated list of claims therefore, the debtor's arrangement proceedings (file reference number XII GRp 5/17) are not obligation to declare claims. The notification requirement applies only to new ones creditors and creditors not covered by the arrangement.