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Organisation & Partners

ST³ Offshore is a joint-venture of 2 companies: Mars FIZ and ST³ Holding GmbH.

MARS Closed-End Investment Fund is a fund managed by MS TFI (MS Mutual Funds Society) and is the majority shareholder of ST³ Offshore (80%).
A key objective of the Fund is to increase the value of its assets through, amongst others, the implementation of restructuring and investment projects in portfolio companies. The Fund manages the portfolio of majority stakes in 15 private companies. They comprise companies from the shipbuilding sector as well as ship repair and offshore steel structure building, a manufacturer of power generating boilers, as well as real estate companies.

ST³ Holding GmbH
ST³ Holding GmbH, a subsidiary of Munich based VTC Group, owing 20% of shares of ST³ Offshore.
VTC Group is a fast growing and independent industrial holding company with two of its companies strongly connected with the energy production sector.