Imprint - ST³ Offshore


ST³  Offshore sp. z o.o. w restrukturyzacji

ul. Brdowska 5
71-700 Szczecin

Phone: +48 91 813 64 64
Fax: +48 91 813 64 65
E-mail: info(at)st3-offshore(dot)com

Commercial Register: 0000372464
VAT-Number: PL7010274725

Authorized for statements and representation are 2 Management Board Members acting jointly or Management Board Member acting jointly with a Proxy.

Management Board:
Andrzej Czech,  Adam Kowalski, Jacek Kopczyński - Member of the Supervisory Board delegated to perform duties of the Vice-President of the Management Board


Proxy:  Daniel Wojsław, Maksymilian Mamos

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